Vortex Flow Controls


All of our Vortex Flow Controls are individually designed to meet our client’s optimal performance criteria.
Vortex Flow Controls have no moving parts to wear or fail. Our units are manufactured from stainless steel plate they will resist scour, degradation and chemical attack. A Vortex Flow Control should easily outlast the sewer in which it is installed. Removable access plate on each unit, most units easily removed for access to the downstream pipe.



All of our Vortex Flow Controls are manufactured using 304 Grade Stainless Steel as standard and generally 3mm thickness (Alternative materials optional, and thicker material used where required). All welded seams are continuous to achieve maximum strength.




We operate an externally regulated ISO 9001:2015 Quality Assurance System.



All of our Vortex Flow Controls are purpose built to suit the specific site and to fit easily into the drainage infrastructure. For example, units can be made with curved faces to fit directly into circular chambers, we will need to be advised this information at enquiry stage.
Please ensure that the unit(s) are fitted before the cover slab(s) are put in place to save any Access issues with Installation on site.

Our Vortex Flow Control units themselves require no routine maintenance. Inspection chambers require inspection & maintenance in line with current practice.



We require the following basic information to specify a Vortex Flow Control for you.

1) The design Flow – Maximum Discharge
2) The design Head – Invert to Top Water Level
3) Type of drainage – Surface or Foul

From this information we will size and design the Vortex Flow Control to meet the design criteria and to suit the proposed infrastructure.



Our Specification will include:
1) Data Sheet showing the Head/Discharge Characteristic, both graphically and numerically.
2) Installation Guide showing the outline dimensions of the specified Vortex Flow Control and the method of fixing.
3) Quotation covering the design manufacture and delivery of the specified unit(s) complete with fixings.